• Banyantree says HDFC is one India’s largest banks and will benefit from growing demand for financial services
  • Varun Beverages is one of the largest franchisee bottlers of PepsiCo in the world with a dominant position in India
  • Findi provides investors with exposure to key growth trends in India including increasing demand for financial services

Banyantree Investment Group investment manager and director Zach Riaz is bullish on India, telling us in part one of this series that the emerging market has just hit that US$2000 GDP per capita mark.

“When China started to invite companies to take up the country’s manufacturing capabilities in 2006 that’s when its GDP per capita exceeded the US$2000 mark,”  Riaz says.

“That’s when China started having internal consumption growth, middle, rural and obviously upper class growth and broad-based prosperity throughout the economy that led to where it is today.

“India is where China was in 2006.”

In part two Riaz gives his top three stock picks for India, including an Indian large cap, another Indian listed company which is on a robust growth trajectory and an ASX-listed company with strong ties to India…

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