Joseph Constable from H&G Investment Management highlights the potential in the world of microcaps amidst shifting interest rates. He discusses the past effects of zero-interest rates, but suggests that a market recalibration has occurred, and valuable opportunities now exist despite remaining uncertainties around inflation and potential recession. Joseph believes in the potential returns from companies that have taken a hit due to high debt levels as they look to refinance in the coming months. He also foresees growth potential in both the tech and financial services sectors, sparked by M&A opportunities.

In the retail sector, Danny Naderi of Shekel Brainweigh (SBW) highlights several trends pointing to the continued growth of automation in retail. Danny discusses the promising uptake of AI in the sector, enabling businesses to be cost-effective, efficient, and able to keep up with increasing demand. Shekel Brainweigh has been delivering strong growth in its retail segment, largely driven by regulating technology services for large enterprises, riding on a focus on identity verification and integration of AI.

The digital payments space is rapidly expanding in India, with Findi (FND) reporting a 90% growth in its Findi Merchant Network. Their non-executive chairman, Nicholas Smedley, discussing their strategy in tapping into the growing digital payments market while recognising that cash transactions continue to dominate. Nicholas notes that Findi has raised capital intending to consolidate their position in this highly fragmented space, with the longer-term focus being on owning a significant part of an increasingly digitised market.

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